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Why You Need a Wedding Planner.

Why do you need a wedding planner, you ask?

Honestly, because you won’t have a wedding without one!

While that might be somewhat overly dramatic, especially for certain type-A brides, it was nothing less than 100% truth for me! The joke that I should have eloped was wildly popular in and around my wedding. The funniest part about that was that it was entirely true, and the saddest part about it was due to the fact that I am not a planner.

More importantly, I’m not a wedding planner. And neither is the average bride!

No matter how much you’ve surfed Pinterest for ideas or diligently managed your daily/weekly/monthly planner up till now, wedding planning is a complicatedly unique process. You probably don’t know exactly how long it takes to ship a wedding dress or an appropriate dollar amount to save for flowers and reception decor. You might not know the best church that will allow you to borrow its spaces for a few hours or how to run a productive wedding rehearsal.

I don’t know about you, but in my experience, the more details that piled on during “wedding planning season,” from things as simple as deciding what the groomsmen should wear to things as complicated as finding a venue and caterer, the worse I got at making decisions and the less-fun the entire planning process became. I’m a fairly organized person with a solid work ethic and boatloads of creativity, but when it came down to wedding planning, the details involving both the fun and the not-fun ended up nearly causing an elopement.

Simple fact: My wedding would not have happened without hiring Something Blue Weddings and Events.

Now, this isn’t to say that every bride is like me. On the contrary, most women dream up different versions of their wedding from the time they were five, having details nearly finalized (or so they think) by the time the day actually comes around. But no matter how perfectly you’ve planned your colors or how carefully you’ve selected your baker, photographer, and florist, without a skilled wedding coordinator, something will be missed. Even if that something is you missing out on having a relaxed and enjoyable day.

While you might nail the dress shopping and score on the venue reserving, there are thousands of other tiny little details that you’ll end up forgetting unless there’s someone there to remind you! And if you don’t end up forgetting them, then you’ll end up doing them.

Does chasing down the [fill in the blank] to be sure they finish the [fill in the blank]  sound like the wedding of your dreams?

The entire purpose of a coordinator is to make your wedding a much better experience, to make it easier on you and a smoother planning process. The myth that all coordinators are pricey and well “out of the budget” is also pretty ridiculous, seeing as some like Something Blue have such flexible planning packages.

So if you’re planning the wedding and you feel yourself drowning in the details, or glimpsing forward at the Big Day without having a trustworthy person to rely on to handle last-minute details, do yourself a favor and hire a coordinator.

You really won’t regret it. 

-Abbey Ryan Elder

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